About Us

VISIBILITY IS LIFE strives to promote road safety amongst PEDESTRIANS and other road users. WE BELIEVE that a preserved LIFE can CHANGE A COMMUNITY and therefore WE AIM TO SECURE ALL PEDESTRIANS ON THE ROAD. We do this by EDUCATING youth AND providing REFLECTIVE GEAR to pedestrians.

‘Visibility is Life’ started in May 2015 after I was confronted with an accident where a farmworker was ran over by a moving vehicle, at dusk. This incident left me with a changed perspective of how I can make a proactive difference in this social problem – the problem being non-visible pedestrians. That changed perspective became a vision, which I believe God planted in my heart. This changed perspective developed into a business that uses real stories, of real people, in real life situations, in such a way that we communicate the essence of this serious need we face in our society. In all seasons, specifically winter, we want road users to become more aware of the pedestrians as vulnerable, exposed people traveling to their destinations.

What began as a simple idea expanded into a practical solution that physically and intellectually equips pedestrians. For every item purchased, Visibility is Life secures and educates a pedestrian.

We are proud to be part of the LABIT team who are people standing firm behind the vision, mission and mandate of Visibility is Life.

Our vision is to secure all pedestrians, specifically our learners, by the provision of reflective gear.

Our mission is to see all pedestrians flourish, knowing that they are visible and less vulnerable targets on the roads and to promote pedestrian safety by responsible road users who are aware of our pedestrians.

We stand by our mandate that communicates the essence of our brand, the mandate being: visibility is life. All people have the right to know that their lives are valued, that they are worthy of a full and abundant life and that they are loved. We want people to feel safe when traveling to their destinations and we want them to know that we care about them as individuals.

Visibility is life wants people to start caring for each other. We want communities to look out for one another. We aim to promote pedestrian safety and responsible road users which will lead to a safer community, hopeful youth and a future for our children.