The Team

Carla Portwig

Founder and CEO of Visibility is Life

Carla is currently a UCT Masters student who specialise in Educational Policy and management. She is a vibrant social entrepreneur with a ‘go-getter’ personality and a heart for community development. She wants to change communities by securing the lives of pedestrians (especially the children), equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge to stay safe on the roads and creating jobs to improve the socio-economic circumstances in her valley.

LABIT Consultancy (PTY)

Labit is a business incubator focused on community based entrepreneurs. Sustainable, job creating businesses that have an impact in disadvantage communities is what Labit focusses on. They strive to help establish high quality products and services that will enable business owners to be role models in their communities and help address unemployment in South Africa. Visibility is Life was selected to be incubated and is a proud Friend of Labit. labit